Hecht Museum Exhibit

A group show that reacts to the permanent display of relics, I chose to display my sculptures under the glass cabinets showing the ancient origins of the images and the context they represent. the painting: “holocaust survivors?” (taken from a facebook post “a future that never manifested” by Avi Pitchon) אובייקטים המתיחסים לדימויים הלקוחים מעולם ההון והשלטון, עשויים משאריות […]

Psychic TV: Dreams Less Sweet

Screening at the BAMhttp://www.bam.org/film/2014/psychic-tv-dreams-less-sweet Founded by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge following the break-up of pioneering group Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV is, in Genesis’ words, “a video group who does music, unlike a music group which makes music videos.” Boasting a distinctive blend of dance and industrial music, the band gathered 47 artists to contribute to the filmed version […]

Bike Ride, installation

created as part of my MFA studies at Haifa University 2012 – 2013 Bike Ride, an interactive art installation that looks and functions like an over simplified video game. once the user presses the only available button he/she experiences an accident.

Graphic Explosions

Graphical language flattens the physical phenomenon of an explosion. The graphic symbol commonly used to mark special items as special deals, cheap or even fat free is turned into a physical object. 2013 – 2014


David Oppenheim is an artist / musician living and working in Tel-Aviv. He studied graphic design, video and animation at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, graduated summa cum laude. In 1996 he founded Day-Dream Studios New York, where he has created commissioned web-installations as well as developing Day-Dream.com, an ongoing web project. […]

CadbarA @ BAAD gallery

Cadaver Eyes and Barbara. Two duos, join forces for a meshed up set which consists of both bands disrupting each other, welding the musics into one monolithic dirge, joined by special guest oof. the setting installation included, cardboard, drawings, shrink tape & 2 beamers projecting the only light in the room. Re-em H, bass & vocals Zax, […]

like-plea syndrome

The soldier Eden Abergil posed next to blindfolded & de-personalized Palestinian detainees & uploaded the photo to the social cultural cloud aka facebook. The Palestinian civilian, when blindfolded, is transformed by the Israeli soldier to a tourist attraction. He is not looking at the camera in the same way that Tour Eiffel stands next to […]

DMTV3 at Cinefamily

http://www.floatingworldcomics.com/main/2014/01/29/feb-16-dmtv3-at-cinefamily-2/   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   ///////   DMTV, the roving experimental/psychedelic/abstract animation festival curated by the fine folks at Portland’s Floating World Comics, comes to the Cinefamily to present the third eye-opening installment of its merry-go-wound-up madness. As its festivaleers say: “The emphasis is on non-commercial work. We seek pure vision. Some of the films push […]