like-plea syndrome

The soldier Eden Abergil posed next to blindfolded & de-personalized Palestinian detainees & uploaded the photo to the social cultural cloud aka facebook. The Palestinian civilian, when blindfolded, is transformed by the Israeli soldier to a tourist attraction. He is not looking at the camera in the same way that Tour Eiffel stands next to […]

Numb Com

Pink Floyd’s music is remixed, well, more like re-edited – the video is taken from pre-post production files, youtube clips, 3d shapes an so on, created for the – PLINK FLOJD project []. was screened in Portland & LA.

Psychic TV: Dreams Less Sweet

A video re-make of the album “Dreams Less Sweet” by Psychic TV, recorded in 1983, the video created by 47 artists each was given a minute of audio & a word. The re-make was initiated by Sam Zimmerman & Genesis Breyer P-Orridge to coincide with the Genesis P-Orridge retrospective at the Andy Warhol museum, 2013. david Opp [2013], […]

Elevator Monkey

A video art project created with zero production value.  The piece deals with the concepts attached to the Sabbath elevators, these elevators, often seen at hospitals, stop on every floor, their doors open allowing religious passengers the option to go to their desired destination without violating the Sabbath & omitting the interaction & activation that […]

Ceremonies & Rituals

a self portrait triptych, 2009 1. State of fear: being in-close proximity to a terrorist attacks [further reading] 2. Memorial day / Independence-day / War – on memorial day the whole country stands still, the first siren is in the previous evening, a little bit after the sun sets, for the next 24 hours the country is sad, […]


A triptych edit from the footage i shot on 10.10.10, for the first global documentary, “One Day On Earth” premiered, UN, General Assembly hall, New York, 2012.

Occupation Loops Triptych

This installation focuses on the endlessness of the situation, the three scenes run side by side, each has its own loop and stereo sound track, these are projected on rough wooden panels, the naive, child-like, folk art approach was used in order to allow the viewer to be sucked-in, like peeping into a fantasy world rather […]