Music Projects

As a musician, I composed electronic music for interactive, dance, theatre, video & film, working under the name Mildew and more importantly as a drummer & vocalist of the bands Cholera, 3H, bARBARA, Cadaver Eyes, BALATA, & Lietterschpich, + side projects; the Lagan Tapes, Sabbath Blaath & E-naal A-buq. I released over 10 full length […]

CadbarA @ BAAD gallery

Cadaver Eyes and Barbara. Two duos, join forces for a meshed up set which consists of both bands disrupting each other, welding the musics into one monolithic dirge, joined by special guest oof. the setting installation included, cardboard, drawings, shrink tape & 2 beamers projecting the only light in the room. Re-em H, bass & vocals Zax, […]

RS vs CE

A musical improv collaboration with Ran Slavin. These pictures are taken from; A 2-week inhibition of the Digital Art Lab’s space that will lead to a site specific audio-visual improvisation, laptop electronica, sound art, with real time digital sampling of extreme noise/new metal music [live drums] and real time triggering of video projections onto the […]