Noise Agency [residency program]

During my residency i completed work on DAVER a looped based musical tool created in Isadora [by: torikatronix]. I scheduled improv sessions with artists & musicians, having them learn the new musical toy. The final two weeks were dedicated to improv sessions open to the wide public. the sessions included me playing drums with the […]

Residency program, Shdemama, 2021

I spent a month in Sh’demama, an ecological community, Sh’dema, Israel. I slept in a tent, ate communal meals, had meetings / workshops with girls from Zufia (youth at-risk) and building lots of semi-functional musical instruments from scraps & branches. My stay cumulated with an open-source performance created with Shaul Kohn & preformed live with […]

OPTIMISTIC PINK, solo show, G’vul gallery, Hanita

ורוד אופטימי על רקע של התחממות האקלים, המתיחות הביטחונית, חוסר היציבות הפוליטית ומחלת הקורונה, האמן דוד אופנהיים מציג תערוכת יחיד, המגלה לכאורה רצון עז לשינוי האקלים והאווירה – ורוד אופטימי.   כאשר מקלידים בגוגל: ורוד אופטימי, מתגלים תמונות של זרי פרחים, כוכבים  ורודים, לבבות ומרשמלו, דימויים המזוהים עם תרבות הפופ ומסמלים אושר ונאיביות.  השם הנבחר לתערוכה […]

Zine (2021)

I began making these drawings while escorting Palestinian & Bedouin natives and their goats & sheep as part of Ta’ayush – later i recorded Hisham Sharabati of the Hebron Defense committee & added drawings according to his text. These were later compiled into a booklet, it has no title or credit apart from the fact […]