Artist statement


Social leaders & politicians need statements.

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I want to challenge structures of domination and hierarchy systems; capitalism, nationalities and other social systems. This is evident both in the work and in the process. I choose to disturb my own systems, rejecting a pre-set notion, plan or idea mid way in order to experience Fromm’s or Thoreau’s disobedient act while creating the artwork. The end results are ambiguous and yet familiar artifacts, cultural objects or remains. Instantly recognizable iconography is juxtaposed to the material, placement and scale, treated ready-mades whose original context has been altered or reversed. I find it important to examine details and options of treating material in all formats. My practice includes many collaborations, collaboration being an important aspect both ideologically and as means of expanding knowledge and inspiration. I have collaborated widely on technological installation projects, sound Installations, and experimental musical projects. I experiment with code, plywood, electronics, acrylic, sound and video in a similar manner; starting with a clear idea but also leaving ample space for exploration along the way.

mistreated found painting


My work spans across a number of mediums; painting, sculpture, the internet, interactive electronic mechanisms, performance, video & audio. In my work I interact with found objects, packaging, promotional media and elements of contemporary culture. I am interested in using designed objects that had a previous life as containing an artifact, an object of desire and a message.

My painting process ‘tries’ to consider a few parameters, I react to what is there, aiming to highlight what it can imply rather than what it actually is, it’s a non-systematic reaction, i may have a plan & a set of rules regarding a specific piece, but while working i will change these or abandon them completely. Disrupting the system that was formulated within the initial steps coincides with my thoughts regarding our culture & control systems, the notion of change takes shape in the process. At the same time, the positive additive aspect of painting is challenged by the non-action, the surface that has not been manipulated.

As a trained designer I try to reverse my do’s & don’ts to somewhat forcefully unlearn. I use the authoritative nature of the drop-shadow or bold type, but i do this in a non authoritative manner, the hand & paint are noticeable and the system is never whole or complete. This can be seen as a humorous action but it is done out of disillusionment. Levels of interpretation appear before during or after the work in created, thus giving me the possibility to go back and modify, erase, or cut a painting in half. This is all part of the action of recycling.

My fascination with DIY electronics & interactive devices came as a natural development from my computer & screen based interactive work and my interest in sculpture. The DEVICE project has been an outlet that examines systems & control in a physical sense. I continue developing this project in various directions. I examine the fact that objects can behave in a playful manner and appear harmful at the same time, I am interested in this duality. These objects entice the viewer to interact and are also used to monitor her actions. My need to question authority and control has also led me to develop pathways, hand-rails, stair systems and so on. In my recent exhibit at Holon Institute of Technology i combined these into one installation that leads to a series of drawings. I plan to examine these connections further.