RS vs CE

A musical improv collaboration with Ran Slavin.
These pictures are taken from; A 2-week inhibition of the Digital Art Lab’s space that will lead to a site specific audio-visual improvisation, laptop electronica, sound art, with real time digital sampling of extreme noise/new metal music [live drums] and real time triggering of video projections onto the space. The collaboration between David Oppenheim and Ran Slavin dates back to the late 80’s where they played together in the experimental/alternative/post punk band: Shalosh Hait – or in short: 3-H. RS [Ran Slavin] running MAX MSP on a laptop -> digitizing CE [David Opp] playing a drum set that triggers a sampler + effects & human voice. -> the improvised set starts with a time code countdown projection of the length of the piece [-0:04:59:29] -> sounds generated by CE are constantly sampled and manipulated by RS and looped back as an endless feedback. The vocals trigger visual projection that is over-layed on top of the timecode. the viewer is forced to accept the familiar countdown pressure while also being subjected to the tension between the different sounds [digital, acoustic, voice & noise] ranging in textures from drone to abstract & from minimalism to grind-core.