like-plea syndrome

The soldier Eden Abergil posed next to blindfolded & de-personalized Palestinian detainees & uploaded the photo to the social cultural cloud aka facebook.
The Palestinian civilian, when blindfolded, is transformed by the Israeli soldier to a tourist attraction. He is not looking at the camera in the same way that Tour Eiffel stands next to the girl who will soon share the moment with her friends.

The Israeli president is playing with a gun, he is surrounded by the special forces, he may have sent them on missions, they are looking straight at us, but we can only see their eyes & we cannot tell who they really are.  Shimon Peres is having a good time, he will show this photo to his friends on occasions, as if he is surrounded by cultural icons, but president is taking the role of a trained killer & i am the viewer.
Toys desire to be played with, begging, please pick me up, the Rubik’s cube begs to be held, to get twisted and must be played with, since; “if you are not playing with this, please let your sister have it!” or “Lets give this to someone who can enjoy it, someone who WILL USE IT”.
When looking at this picture a part of us wants to see the peace-fighting oxymoron of a president fire the gun. Only then will the toy get to be played with and the picture will become complete.

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