David Oppenheim is an artist / musician living and working in Tel-Aviv.
He studied graphic design, video and animation at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, graduated summa cum laude.

In 1996 he founded Day-Dream Studios New York, where he has created commissioned web-installations as well as developing, an ongoing web project. As a musician, he has composed electronic music for interactive, dance, theatre, video & film, working under the name Mildew and as a member of the bands 3H, bARBARA, Cadaver Eyes, BALATA, the Lagan Tapes, & Lietterschpich, he has released over 10 full length albums under his label Heart & Crossbone []

He is currantly teaching at the Bezalel Acadamy of Art & Design, Jerusalem. Wizo Collage of Art, Haifa. and Musrara School of Art, Jerusalem. His work is in permanent collections in museums and galleries such as The Museum of Modern Art San Francisco and the Museum of the Moving Image New-York.