The large bold, un-designed type on the back [NOT A TERRORIST] represents formality, an official position. the word terrorist has recently become the way we define the contemporary devil, war on terror & the labeling of one as a terrorist has transformed the way we perceive an individual. the film “If a tree falls” is a good example of what this label can do. Guantanamo is another.

In Jerusalem, as a kid i would wear a keffiyeh, most of my friends and peers wore these, some had the basic black ones, others the red. This cheap garment, used by many Israelis as a scarf in the seventies has been completely removed from our wardrobe and is now used globally only as a symbol.

A small, hand drawn ski mask [Balaclava] on the front of the shirt deals was what has become the fashion symbol of a terrorist, the shape originated at the Crimean war back in 1853 when knitted balaclavas were sent over to the British troops to help protect them from the cold weather.

Silk screened in Yafo, first run: 18 T shirts, using 3 different images for the front.

Originally Available at the Museum of the Contemporary gift shop, Jerusalem [for 40 nis].
and also online; [14 USD + shipping, sizes:Girlie, XL, L, M.]

front print [roughly 6 cm high = a little over 2 inch]

Packed T shirt, this small pink box [edition of 3] was intended for a mezuzah.

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