The symbol of a graphic crown, the same one that is based on a real crown, turns from flat icon back into the physical, these crowns did not fall off the head of a king or the logo of a proud brand. Created using scrap wood, resting quietly on the floor.

Hecht Museum Exhibit

A group show that reacts to the permanent display of relics, I chose to display my sculptures under the glass cabinets showing the ancient origins of the images and the context they represent. the painting: “holocaust survivors?” (taken from a facebook post “a future that never manifested” by Avi Pitchon) אובייקטים המתיחסים לדימויים הלקוחים מעולם ההון והשלטון, עשויים משאריות […]

Bike Ride, installation

created as part of my MFA studies at Haifa University 2012 – 2013 Bike Ride, an interactive art installation that looks and functions like an over simplified video game. once the user presses the only available button he/she experiences an accident.

Graphic Explosions

Graphical language flattens the physical phenomenon of an explosion. The graphic symbol commonly used to mark special items as special deals, cheap or even fat free is turned into a physical object. 2013 – 2014


The large bold, un-designed type on the back [NOT A TERRORIST] represents formality, an official position. the word terrorist has recently become the way we define the contemporary devil, war on terror & the labeling of one as a terrorist has transformed the way we perceive an individual. the film “If a tree falls” is […]

Red Circle [Dashed]

Red Circle [Dashed] this piece is highly connected to the smaller devices, and was created for the performance [Hablan / Mehabel] at the Mamuta Art Center, Jerusalem, 2011. recreating the graphic circle that marked potential bombs [suspicious object] in public service announcements during kids programming since the late 70’s. the initial circle was created with […]