Red Circle [Dashed]

Red Circle [Dashed]

this piece is highly connected to the smaller devices, and was created for the performance [Hablan / Mehabel] at the Mamuta Art Center, Jerusalem, 2011.

recreating the graphic circle that marked potential bombs [suspicious object] in public service announcements during kids programming since the late 70’s.

the initial circle was created with rocks or anything else that can warn the potential passerby, the official instructions are: “MOST IMPORTANT: DO NOT TOUCH [for you might]¬†GET HURT.”

A. mark the suspicious object.
B. stay away & keep others at a safe distance.
C. report to the authorities.

[note: a suspicious object can be as small as a pen]

[1st edition; 49 pieces of hand numbered wood painted red]
Comes packed in a group of 5 [sufficient for creating one circle to mark a suspicious object]

[9 envelope packs]
also sold as individual pieces
available at the Museum of the Contemporary gift shop, Jerusalem.

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