Psychic TV: Dreams Less Sweet

Screening at the BAM Founded by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge following the break-up of pioneering group Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV is, in Genesis’ words, “a video group who does music, unlike a music group which makes music videos.” Boasting a distinctive blend of dance and industrial music, the band gathered 47 artists to contribute to the filmed version […]

Graphic Explosions

Graphical language flattens the physical phenomenon of an explosion. The graphic symbol commonly used to mark special items as special deals, cheap or even fat free is turned into a physical object. 2013 – 2014


David Oppenheim is an artist / musician living and working in Tel-Aviv. He studied graphic design, video and animation at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, graduated summa cum laude. In 1996 he founded Day-Dream Studios New York, where he has created commissioned web-installations as well as developing, an ongoing web project. […]

List of Exhibitions & Screenings

Exhibitions & Screenings 2014 – like-plea syndrome, VIDEO+ video art exhibit, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, Tel-Aviv Museum 2014 – MFA Haifa University final exhibit at Haifa & Tel-Aviv 2014 – Hearat Shulayem, Jesus Hilfe, group show, Jerusalem 2014 – Hecht Museum, interacting with the collection, group show, Haifa 2014 – Dreams less sweet screening, BAM, NYC […]

CadbarA @ BAAD gallery

Cadaver Eyes and Barbara. Two duos, join forces for a meshed up set which consists of both bands disrupting each other, welding the musics into one monolithic dirge, joined by special guest oof. the setting installation included, cardboard, drawings, shrink tape & 2 beamers projecting the only light in the room. Re-em H, bass & vocals Zax, […]

like-plea syndrome

The soldier Eden Abergil posed next to blindfolded & de-personalized Palestinian detainees & uploaded the photo to the social cultural cloud aka facebook. The Palestinian civilian, when blindfolded, is transformed by the Israeli soldier to a tourist attraction. He is not looking at the camera in the same way that Tour Eiffel stands next to […]

DMTV3 at Cinefamily   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   ///////   DMTV, the roving experimental/psychedelic/abstract animation festival curated by the fine folks at Portland’s Floating World Comics, comes to the Cinefamily to present the third eye-opening installment of its merry-go-wound-up madness. As its festivaleers say: “The emphasis is on non-commercial work. We seek pure vision. Some of the films push […]

Haifa hag fest

Haifa Hag program שם שלושת הציורים בצד שמאל audio files from the exhibit: Pikud Haoref [Home front command] tape for the blind, preparation for missile attack.  2 x 30 sec edits [i do not own the rights for this recording]

PRISM Break Up @ Eye Beam, NYC Oct. 4 – Oct. 12 [2013]

  Exposing the powers that control, observing the CCTVs monitoring our life, Guantanamo or a local [Israeli] military training facility, the censorship of released FBI documents turns to a physical urban structure, fermenting the scope of control & information reduction.   [Created for the Psychic TV / Genesis P-Orridge retrospective to be held at the Warhol Museum, Pittsburg.]

Machines [hanina]

מכונות של תשוקה התשוקה לחיים היא מכונה משומנת. היא אובייקט של התנסות וייצור. בשל כך קיומה כפול: היא נמצאת גם בתוך האדם המשתוקק וגם מחוצה לו, מכוננת אותו וההפך. היא מתקיימת בתוכו, אולם היא על מסלול חיצוני לו – אשר מפעיל, מנהל ומארגן את חייו, חיינו. לעיתים קיומה בעולם מביא לתוצאות הנתפסות כחיוביות, אך לעיתים […]

Numb Com

Pink Floyd’s music is remixed, well, more like re-edited – the video is taken from pre-post production files, youtube clips, 3d shapes an so on, created for the – PLINK FLOJD project []. was screened in Portland & LA.

Psychic TV: Dreams Less Sweet

A video re-make of the album “Dreams Less Sweet” by Psychic TV, recorded in 1983, the video created by 47 artists each was given a minute of audio & a word. The re-make was initiated by Sam Zimmerman & Genesis Breyer P-Orridge to coincide with the Genesis P-Orridge retrospective at the Andy Warhol museum, 2013. david Opp [2013], […]

Nahal Mearot group show

Nahal Me’arot Nature Reserve is a site of human evolution at Mount Carmel in Haifa, the site was proclaimed as universal value by UNESCO in 2012. The site indicates the prehistoric man’s settlements and unique evidence of a first burial. These frames are taken from the short film Nahal Me’arot UNESCO World Heritage Site, 06:40, 2013.  […]


Commissioned by The Victoria & Albert Museum, London. for the DECODE exhibit at the Design Museum, Hulon, Israel.[November 2011 – March 2012] This device records the visitor’s voice, snippets from the voice are sent to a speech recognition software that converts the voice to text, this text [appears white & at the top] is then fed […]

DEVICE & Occupation loops at Petach Tikva Museum of Art

DEVICEs & Occupation Loop Triptych installation, Ministry of Culture prize winners group show, Petach-Tikva Museum of Art, 2012. The triptych is projected from three identical structures representing the occupier, the animation is projected on recycled cardboard [previously used for a paint job] that is framed with rough wood. The three black pillars are somewhat obstructing […]

Performance DEVICE

part of Manofeem festival, Mamuta Art center, Jerusalem, 2012. DEVICE performance, is an anti-performance created with the assistance of Ben Oppenheim, it is divided into four parts, but it does not start at a specific point in time nor does it end. 1. placing the devices on the stage & positioning the lights that determine […]


The large bold, un-designed type on the back [NOT A TERRORIST] represents formality, an official position. the word terrorist has recently become the way we define the contemporary devil, war on terror & the labeling of one as a terrorist has transformed the way we perceive an individual. the film “If a tree falls” is […]

Elevator Monkey

A video art project created with zero production value.  The piece deals with the concepts attached to the Sabbath elevators, these elevators, often seen at hospitals, stop on every floor, their doors open allowing religious passengers the option to go to their desired destination without violating the Sabbath & omitting the interaction & activation that […]


A pessimistic counter [countdown] with a potentiometer, so that the user can control the speed, it beeps and flashes a red LED when it reaches zero, on the fast side [roughly] one cycle per second on the slow side [roughly] 317 years per cycle. pictures of the earlier material versions & some of the final […]