A Psych/Noise/Doom No-input/Drums duo from Israel, CADAVER EYES have been described by WFMU’s Brian Turner as “conjuring equal parts Voivod, Residents, Swans, Butthole Surfers, Carcass, and Khanate into a blurred combo of noise-blast insanity and creeping doom”. Originally a psychotic one-man grindcore project, CADAVER EYES was launched in NYC ca 2000 by drummer david Opp. and has since mutated into a heavy political duo of Drums and No-Input-Mixer. CE’s sound is raw, intense, disturbing and at the same time engulfing and immersive, tapping into a primal human layer of convulsions and contortions. Their recent material is an expression of this convulsive being as it is situated in a world of hyper-capitalism, aiming to pierce through the veil of advertisements, human supremacy, and oppression.

Cadaver Eyes Upon Me See or CE/UMS is a stealthy quiet version – NO drums.

CE is Eran Sachs [zax] no-input-mixer & David Opp drums & vox

more videos:

planned obsolescence [2019 – yet to be released]

consumer producer [taken from class mammal

Beerets Hakodesh [in the holyland] taken from the acquisition of power over fire

CE/UMS doing a Discharge cover: Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing

contact: cadavereyes[dot]666@gmail[dot]com

old CE site: http://www.day-dream.com/cadaver-eyes/

fb – https://www.facebook.com/cadaverEyes666/